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  1. Hi Keana! I could tell from the title that I was going to love your storybook. I am a big fan of Greek gods and goddesses and of course the classic 2000's movie Mean Girls, so putting them together is an amazing idea. I love that you have a speaker. It is a different experience when you are reading from a third party opposed to being in the actual story. I think that for your purpose, it is a better idea to do the third party! I, also, loved that you brought this ancient story into modern times. All of the pop culture references and the ability to relate more to the reader through this is amazing! I am very excited to see how the rest of your story turns out. In the introduction, it may be beneficial to mention who is going to be highlighted in the burn book. I know that they will eventually have tabs but I think it would be cool to know as your reading perhaps what Eris thinks of them and why they are in there! Just an idea, but I love it either way!

  2. Hi!! Like Brynlee, I am a huge fan of Percy Jackson and Greek mythology, so when I saw the name of your storybook on the random list, I knew I had to check it out! To begin, the aesthetic of the site in general, and especially the picture you chose for your header, is phenomenal and so fitting with what you are trying to convey.

    I enjoyed reading your introduction, and I like how you place the reader directly into the world of Greek mythology by having the narrator be Eris. It is enjoyable and entertaining, and I can not wait to see which stories and "gossip" you come up with for your retellings. You definitely hit the mark on taking old writings and making them applicable/tying them into the more modern era, and I am impressed by that. You are so clearly creative, and I hope you continue the good work!

  3. Hi Keana!
    I enjoyed reading your introduction. It got me excited to the point where I can't wait to read the real story. I am a fan of Greek mythology, because they are enjoyable and entertaining. I also like your title, I confess that I didn't have any clue of what the story by will be just reading the title, but after explaining what the title was about, I got more curious. You mentioned that the gods and goddess’s family are quite dysfunctional, i can't wait to see what type of gossip will make this family go nuts. I wonder what the family will do in case of disfunction. Are they going to kill each other? or maybe banned them from the universe? I also was wondering if Eris the narrator was part of the family? Was she one of the goddesses that survived maybe? I can’t wait to see how you will be retelling the story and make it applicable and tie them to modern era.

  4. Keana, you already had me hooked by just seeing the title of your storybook! Like everyone else that's commented, I'm a huge fan of Greek Mythology and I enjoy all the various stories potential to be added into your burnbook. I think it's very fitting that you chose Eris as the storyteller as she is the daughter of Zeus and Hera, depending on which myth you follow, and those two are constantly having problems. So, in other words, the irony and karma is very real! That said, your introduction is flawless and I really don't have much to comment on. The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is possibly creating a list of the people Eris plans to talk over. Like, is Eris going to talk about individuals or is she going to talk about couples and their behavior? Other then that, your introduction was really good and I'm excited to see the stories to come!

  5. Hey Keana! First of all, I absolutely love your idea for your storybook. I am absolutely obsessed with Mean Girls and all of the little jokes within it, so having a Burn Book story is definitely made to be entertaining. I also am really excited that you chose to do a Burn Book in Olympus! Greek mythology is my favorite genre of mythology, so I'm eager to see how you connect all the gods and goddesses together through this drama. I think what would be really cool is if you wrote it from the basic teenager perspective and made all of the problems fall in line with those in the actual Mean Girls movie. Doing that would give Mean Girls fans a whole new look to the movie while also educating them on the mythology that is a big backbone of storytelling. Great job and can't wait to read more!

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    1. Hi Keana!
      To start, this is such a great idea for a storybook. Its a great way to encompass all of the stories from the Greek Mythology world while also appealing to the taste of our generation. It definitely left me feeling interested and wanting to read more after the introduction. I also really liked how Eris was speaking to us- it submerged the reader in the story world. Im curious how this burn book started? Was it written by multiple gods and goddesses or one? Maybe you could also dive in to more detail about the narrator herself and how she got a hold of this book. That might give a little clarity as to why she in specific is reading it and what her motives are for the gossip and drama. Besides that, this is a great start and I cant wait to read more!

  7. Hi Keana!
    Like everyone before has said, I really really love Greek mythology, so I was very excited to see your title pop up! It's so perfectly attention-grabbing - I love it! I also was really excited to see you choose Eris as the narrator. I think you have developed a really clear and strong character in that narrator, and it immediately helps us see what you're trying to do with the story. I also just like seeing people talking about the minor gods and goddesses. As you show with Eris, they really can have such strong and funny and interesting personalities to explore. I do think it would be helpful if we could have an outline of what arguments we're going to learn about, but that's a pretty minor concern. From the website design to the narrator, I can see your passion for this project and I think you're going to accomplish something really unique and wonderful with your storybook!


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