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Reading Notes: Tiny Tales from India A

- Main animals seen: lions, jackals, elephant, monkey, crocodile, camels, leopard, rabbit, birds, donkey, cat, otter- The ending of many of these stories involves some animal dying because they were foolish or escaping death because they were wiser- Both of the stories 8 and 9 remind me of Tarzan- One thing that I have observed is that they lion seems to be outsmarted a bit or is the ruler of every animal- Jackals are common in these stories and seem to be the one to outsmart everyone else- The stories largely revolve around food sources and eating - Sometimes the story explains the message other times we have to figure it - Many of the stories are centered around some sort of "king" - A combination of 3 or 2 animals that teach each other a lesson or "fight" Jackal in the Dark (UnSplash)BibliographyGibbs, L. (n.d.). Tiny Tales from India: A Book of Two Hundred 100-Word Stories [Kindle]. Retrieved September 29, 2020, from…

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